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no weapons, no friends, no hope. take all that away, and what’s left?

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#yes yes yes     #to anyone who thought that was a happy ending     #that was a tony stark happy ending     #which reads: terrifying     #he is ceaseless; like a shark; hubristic; unyielding; bending not breaking into new shapes     #you’ve stripped him of distractions and given him a clean slate     #with the thought of extremis now clearly honed in his brain     #this is not an ending; this is tony stark pulling his burning icarus turned into phoenix daedalus trick     #he’s changing     #not ending     #he persevered through the obsession and compromise where killian could not; where killian was destroyed by it     #tony chose to destroy what was destroying himself     #he’s free again     #tony stark is ceaseless; remember that     #it was not a happy ending because it was not an ending at all   (okayophelia)

Christopher Nolan on the ending of Inception: “The important thing is that Cobb’s not looking at the top. He doesn’t care.”

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Concerning Hobbits from The Lord of the Rings

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Martin Freeman attends BAFTA TV tea party, September 22, 2012, LA.

June 16th || A Fairytale

To you, it was all a fairy tale, and you were the story teller. But in the end, you forgot that the villain always loses. There’s no happy ending for the devil’s favorites, and you were always his favorite.

Now I am left with the blank pages, I am left with the hanging grief and the bitter aftertaste. I am left with the nightmares and the devil does not like me, not as much as he liked you.

He likes to see me suffer, and I suffer well.

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