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Welcome to Night Vale: The Man in the Tan Jacket

Ladies and gentlemen, surely you have noticed. There’s a man in a tan jacket.

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I’ve watched this scene countless times, and yet this small detail I’ve never noticed before. Pocahontas sprints through the forest, and suddenly the music changes in tempo, perhaps matching her frantic heart. We as the audience want her to get there, we want her to be there with the one she loves.

Pocahontas runs until she run no further, and, reaching the cliff, there is a moment where she leans forward slightly, almost as if she were to dive into the water below and follow him. But, at the last moment, something stops her. It is just this little detail that really makes this scene stand out as one of the most emotional endings to a Disney film.

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Courage is immortal.

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So tell me, is it truly possible to know another person? Is it even a worthwhile pursuit?

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she’s my co-pilot